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Alvin Hope Johnson is the CEO of Multifamily Monopoly. Alvin has been in the real estate industry for over 35+ years. Alvin started as a handyman selling door-to-door painting and repair services and grew his entrepreneurial skills into a $225,000,000 empire. He currently serves as the president of Hope Housing Foundation, an affordable housing company that offers beautiful, well-maintained, and safe properties. Alvin also serves as president of Assertive Management Group, LLC, a privately owned property management firm that helps to support the foundation. To provide affordable renovation to the developments, a general contracting firm was birthed. That company, Alvin Hope Johnson Development Company, is also led by Alvin, a licensed General Contractor in the State of Louisiana.


As a result of Alvin’s experience in the real estate industry to help others succeed, he formed multifamily monopoly in early 2020 to serve as his educational platform for students to learn how to invest in real estate. Both actively and passively, to create long-term generational wealth.


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Avin Hope Johnson

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. I am going to give you the tools, mentorship, and guidance you need to take your business to the next level. I’ve kept many of my methods secret for years, and now I’m giving them to you at a significantly discounted price. But here’s the deal, NOTHING will work unless you DO THE WORK.

Just got come off this beautiful property, 235 units. Man, Alvin really opened my eyes as a young black man from Atlanta, Georgia, just coming from a low-income family. He really opened my eyes to see that it’s possible to really succeed and really to put things together. To be creative about this stuff, man, so just shout out to Alvin, man, just for him to take us under his wing, man, really great guy. Looking forward to doing our own deals together, making this happen, and yeah, man, one day you’re going to see me out here, but it’s all because of Alvin that this is possible. So, if you see me on billboards, you’re going to see Alvin right next to me. You’re going to see his name being credited somewhere. Man, he’s the boss; check him out, get a chance, plug him in. Real humble guy stands on his faith, stands on his spirituality, and that’s important. You need a leader that’s ethical, someone that can really show you the roles and practice what they preach. So, morals aligned with their actions. So, find you a mentor like Alvin and go do what you need to do, man. There’s a lot of money to be made in as well. – Edmund

He gives you the whole recipe book. He’s not holding anything back in that. That's the blessing because most people will give you 80% but not the 20% that actually closes the deal and brings in the money. Anything you need to know, ask Alvin! Ask Alvin, and he’ll get you the answers; that is the blessing. Being able to be mentored by him. Come out here. Look at these deals. That way, when I started acquiring my own deals and stuff, I got him in the back pocket, back check. He has the experience. He’s doing deals. His portfolio is $100 million. He’s adding to it, and he is a dreamer. He has plans to even scale it bigger than that. He understands the humbleness but also the hard work and the big dreaming that comes with being able to do things on this scale, a 235 unit apartment complex, and just change the whole community. He's creating his own world in here. If you have before and after pictures of what it looks like now to what it’s going to look like when it’s done in here. It’s a whole different world, and that’s the power that he’s been able and God’s been able to bless him with that his doing and making his blessings, turning to more blessings, and that’s what I'm blessed with. – Niko

I focus right now on residential flipping and do a little bit of wholesaling as well, and I’ve been kind of in communication with Alvin for the last few months. We’ve been on a couple of zoom calls just kind of going over a little bit of the basics on commercial and today we were actually able to kind of tour one of the projects that he’s going to be working on. On that, he has under contract here in Georgia. So, it was pretty insightful today just to see the ins and outs of what a commercial actually looks. I know before we’ve been kind of working more of the spreadsheets and analyzing a deal, but today we kind of got to see what really a 260 unit really looks like. So, it was a good day. So, I’m very thankful for Alvin having us and just being so open about everything that he’s been doing. – Ellenbano

I've learned right now what I'm doing right now in my life and my stage right now, sacrifice. I’m in this to better other people. I know what I used to live in. I know my situation. I could imagine 10,000 people have a lot worse than me, but because of Alvin, who gave me a chance, gave me hope, this is what I'm doing it for. It's all faith 100%. I’m so ecstatic I'm getting chills right now just thinking about it, and the best part about it is that he has his three-day boot camp that he's doing. It's amazing because I've been in so many seminars. I've been watching YouTube left and right. YouTube this and YouTube that, YouTube this. It's nothing like being on actual dirt. It's nothing like being there. It's nothing like smelling the outside; you're there, you're 100% there, but any other course that I purchased or any other youtube things I have seen or any Instagram things I've seen, it's not like multifamily monopoly nowhere near at all. The experience I have, you can experience that I absolutely believe that in order for you to grow, you have to be here. It can help you change your mind; it can help you change your mindset, and most importantly than anything else, it's going to change your heart. – Troy

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